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  • Big Beluga

    250gr. 100% Beef Burger, lettuce, tomatoes, special sauce, onion, bacon, fried egg, goat cheese, Focaccia bread, onion rings and French fries with “Brava” sauce.

    13,95 €
  • Vegan Beyond Meat Burger

    With guacamole, tomato, cilantro and Rocket Salad.

    14,50 €
  • Ibérica

    Special bread with hamburger, Serrano ham, arugula, goat cheese medallion and caramelized onion.

    11,55 €
  • Geographic (normal or double)

    Hamburger with melted cheese, crispy bacon, tomato slices, lettuce, grilled onion and mayonnaise.

    10,50 € / 12,50 €
  • Special egg

    Hamburger with melted Provolone cheese and bacon. Delicious onion confit, tomato, lettuce and egg.

    10,50 €
  • Chicken Burger

    Fried chicken, lettuce, bacon, cheese and mayonnaise.

    9,80 €
  • All served with french fries.
  • Choose your hamburger with fries or roast potatoes.
  • Ask for your gluten free bread (+2,00 €)
Gluten It contains gluten
Crustaceans Crustaceans
Egg Egg
Fish Fish
Peanut Peanut
Soy Soy
Dairy products Dairy products
Nuts Nuts
Celery Celery
Mustard Mustard
Sesame grains Sesame grains
Sulfur Oxide and Sulphites Sulfur Oxide and Sulphites
Lupins Lupins
Mollusks Mollusks

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